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Submissions made to public inquiries that publish submissions on websites. 





Measuring Customer Service (Second Submission to the ACMA Reconnecting the Customer Inquiry) Mar 2011  [PDF] [DOCX]

Customer Service, Information Asymmetry and Self-Regulation (Submission to the ACMA Reconnecting the Customer Inquiry) Feb 2011 [PDF] [DOCX]

Regulation of Service Providers under the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Submission to the Senate EC Committee on the NBN Co Legislation) Feb 2011  [PDF] [DOCX]

Submission on the Framing Paper for the Convergence Review - June 2011 [PDF]

Submission on the draft program guidelines for Digital Initiatives - August 2011 [PDF]

Submission on the ACCC on “Telstra – Structural Separation Undertaking.” (a reply to Gans and Hausman)  [PDF]

Competition Policy for the Digital Economy (paper for the CPRF) November 2011 [PDF] 





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