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In 2007 the incoming Labor Government renamed the communications portfolio Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

It is one of the first mainstream uses of the term in the world.




Three major reports were issued in the development and updating of the National Digital Economy Strategy under the Rudd-Gillard Governments.

Australia's Digital Economy: Future Directions (July 2009)

#au20 National Digital Economy Strategy (May 2011)

Advancing Australia as a Digital Economy (June 2013)

Other relevant documents

National Cloud Computing Strategy (May 2013)

Status of the 34 digital productivity initiatives at Appendix C of Advancing Australia as a Digital Economy (May 2014 QoN) [PDF]

Status of the 24 actions at Appendix B of Advancing Australia as a Digital Economy (Feb 2014 QoN) [PDF]

Digital Economy strategy regularly refers to the importance of innovation, and the Government has released a number of innovation papers (that don't always address the issue as it relates to the Digital Economy). These are the significant reports found.

Venturous Australia: Building strength in innovation (August 2008)

Powering Ideas: An Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century (May 2009)

This document was the Government's response to Venturous Australia. It was followed by a series of annual Innovation System reports:
Annual Innovation System Report 2010
Annual Innovation System Report 2011
Annual Innovation System Report 2012
Annual Innovation System Report 2013
Annual Innovation System Report 2014

In February 2013 The Gillard Government released an Industry and Innovation Statement under the heading
A Plan for Australian Jobs (Feb 2013). This was the Government's response to Smarter Manufacturing (Aug 2012) the report of the non-Government members of the Prime Minister's manufacturing taskforce. (Politically interested readers should read the comments on this response by Michael Cooney in The Gillard Project).

Coalition Digital Economy Policy

In September 2013 (just before the election) the Coalition released its Digital Economy (and e-government) policy document. They have also subsequently released an Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda. The policy stares the Coalition Government will release an updated Digital Economy Strategy in its first term.

The Coalition's Policy for e-Government and the Digital Economy (Sept 2013).

Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda: An action plan for a stronger Australia (Oct 2014)








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