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Regional Telecoms Reviews and ACA Digital Data Inquiry

A key issue in the consideration of the privatisation of Telstra from 1996 on was the extent to which Government ownership was necessary to ensure quality of service and service equity.  The principle review for privatisation (second tranche) was the Besley review.  This left some concerns about regional services and so the Estens inquiry proceeded to review regional communications.  That review recommended a future series of reviews by a Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee. 

The reports and Government response to each are included here.  The ACA's Digital Data Inquiry is also included as the first consideration of a data USO rather than just a voice USO.

Committee/Inquiry Name

Report (link to NLA entry)

Links to reports and responses


Report Date

Australian Communications Authority

Digital Data Inquiry

Report [PDF]

Tony Shaw

August 1998

Telecommunications Service Inquiry

Connecting Australia

Report - Exec Summary [PDF 1.3M]
Report - Body [PDF 20.7M]
Report - Appendices [PDF 5.9M]
1st Govt Response [PDF]
2nd Govt Response [PDF]

Tim Besley

September 2000

Regional Telecommunications Inquiry

Connecting Regional Australia

Report [PDF]
Response [PDF]

Dick Estens

November 2002

Regional Telecommunications Review

Framework for the Future

Report [PDF 4.6M]
Response [DOC]

Bill Glasson

September 2008

Regional Telecommunications Review

Empowering Digital Communities

(Archived Website)

Report [PDF 3.0M]
Response [PDF]

Rosemary Sinclair

March 2012

Regional Telecommunications Review

Unlocking the potential in regional Australia


Report [PDF 1.0M]


Deena Shiff

October 2015

Regional Telecommunications Review

Getting it right out there


Report [PDF 1.5M]


Sean Edwards

December 2018

Regional Telecommunications Review

A step change in demand


Report [PDF 5.4M]

[PDF 0.3M]
ALP policy

[PDF 0.1M]

Luke Hartsuyker

February 2022






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