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This page contains copies of three documents not otherwise available on-line - two reports by the Communications Law Centre and the report of the proposal from AOTC and Optus.

Thanks to the CLC and Telstra for permission to publish the CLC reports.



The establishment and review of the TIO scheme, and other related documents.
Where documents exist elsewhere online links are provided, but copies are maintained here as documents "go missing". 
Files larger than 1M have a size listed.


Report of the HoR Committee on Telecom's complaint handling April 1991 [APH website] [PDF 3.6M]

CLC Options Paper January 1991 [Trove entry] [PDF 6.1M]

CLC Recommendations Paper May 1991 [Trove entry] [PDF 3.0M]

AOTC/Optus Proposal for a Telecommunications Ombudsman Scheme [PDF 3.1M]
(Note the document claims to include a copy of the Minister's Letter but it does not appear in the version here)


2006 Review of the scheme commissioned by TIO Board [TIO website]  [PDF 1.9M]

2011 DBCDE Discussion Paper [DBCDE website] [RTF] [PDF]

2011 ACCAN Occassional Paper - Fair Go [ACCAN website] [PDF]

Other related documents

DIST Benchmarks for Industry based ADR schemes [PDF]

2006 DCITA Postal Industry Ombudsman discussion paper [PDF]


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